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a New magicverse game
Haunted by tragedy, Frigard races against fate, the lone survivor of Vladislav's wrath and the treachery of Karas. Now, every step is a desperate sprint for survival, a relentless chase where the shadow of Vladislav looms, fuelling Frigard's flight for justice
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MagicCraft Play-to-Earn
Embark on a mystical journey in MagicCraft, a universe spanning PC, Android, and iOS. Armed with the powerful $MCRT token, every hero ventures into the NFT marketplace to amplify earnings and forge their legend. MagicCraft offers innovative ownership of intake assets on the block chain, you own your game and an epic saga where you are the hero.
Convert $MCRT to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Embrace the adventure; MagicCraft awaits!
Disclaimer: $MCRT is a game utility token for the Magiccraft blockchain game and should not be considered an investment. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and involve risk. Please be aware that the purchase of $MCRT may not be legal for citizens of certain jurisdictions, including the USA. Always comply with local laws.


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Earn digital rewards for your valor on the battlefield


– Addition of 1-3 new games to the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Developing a storyline expansion that introduces a new antagonist and questline.

– Releasing an NFT season pass for special benefits in the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Releasing an event calendar for tournaments, competitions, and special events.

– Addition of 3 new games to the MagicCraft Ecosystem

– Full UI/UX overhaul of the MagicCraft game

– Releasing a league system for ranked progression.

– Renewing the season pass with added utilities in the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– New whitepaper release.

– Adding automatic matchmaking functionality to the MagicCraft Lobby.

– Planning an end-of-year celebratory event with surprise announcements for the next year's roadmap.



– Addition of 3 new games to the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Major storyline updates for MagicCraft world and characters.

– Addition of 3 new games to the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Releasing a dynamic daily task system for the full MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Enabling a 5v5 multiplayer quickplay mode with automatic matchmaking in MagicCraft game.

– Adding in-game items, including NFT skins, voice lines, and emotes for the MagicCraft game.

– Unveiling a comprehensive player reward system that ties all ecosystem games together, rewarding cross-game achievements.

– Collaborating with fantasy writers to expand the MagicCraft universe.

– Renewing the season pass with added utilities in the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Overhauling the MagicCraft website to prioritize its Ecosystem of games.

– Renewing the season pass with added utilities in the MagicCraft Ecosystem

– Creating a MagicCraft marketplace for official merchandise.




✓ Player Profile screen
✓ Custom Game Rooms
✓ Team Voice Chat
✓ NFT Character Integration


✓ Development of Metagame continues
Parties & Friends
Community Tournaments
✓ Spectator mode


– Daily Quests
– Game Type: Tournament
✓ VC investment
– Game Type: Free for All
– Web2/web3 chat system


– Ladder updates for matchmaking
– Begin developing clans
– Begin developing clan wars
– NFT Map Integration
– NFT Rental System
– Game Type: Battle Royale
– Web2/web3 leader board
– Web2/web3 game matching

Game Content

✓ Mage Character
✓ New Map
✓ TrueShot Character

Game Content

✓ New Map Cloud Terrace
✓ New Character Ronin
✓ Music Update
✓ Steam announcement

Game Content

✓ New Map Dragons Sanctuary
✓ Ronin Character
✓ Asian & European Servers
✓ Steam launch

Game Content

– New Character
– Arcane Character Skin
– Disconnection bug fix

Web3 Service

✓ Custom room added to service
✓ Play2Earn Games

Web3 Service

✓ Halving, splitting the lobbies and $MCRT prizes in half
✓ Automatic lobbies
✓ Automatic 20 Person War Lobbies

Web3 Service

✓ Affiliate System
✓ Game fee smart contract
✓ Blazy NFT
✓ NFT reward share smart contract
– $MCRT DAO voting system

Web3 Service

– Daily bonus
– Offer Wall
– Lobby fee $mcrt burn





2021- 2023 Achievements

✓ Utility Token Concept Creation
✓ Token smart contract
✓ Listing on CMC, CoinGecko
✓ Listing on DEX
✓ Tokenomics
✓ First character sneak peaks
✓ Listing on CEX
✓ MOBA concept
✓ Gameplay trailer
✓ VIP Closed Beta Launch
✓ NFT Marketplace Launch
✓ Establishing Key Partnerships
✓ Pledging Launch
✓ 9,999 NFT Genesis Collection
✓ Official Trailer
✓ NFTs with Heroes
✓ Preview maps / realms / characters
✓ Game development updates
✓ Public beta launch (Andorid and iOS versions)
✓ Adaption to PC
✓ Listing on higher tier CEX
✓ 1 Billion volume on $mcrt
✓ Listed on 12 exchanges
✓ 20,516 web3 lobbies created
✓ 4 conferences
✓ Blockchain summit awards
✓ Steam listing
✓ Cross playable on PC/Android/iOS/Steam