– Addition of 1-3 new games to the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Developing a storyline expansion that introduces a new antagonist and questline.

– Releasing an NFT season pass for special benefits in the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Releasing an event calendar for tournaments, competitions, and special events.

– Addition of 3 new games to the MagicCraft Ecosystem

– Full UI/UX overhaul of the MagicCraft game

– Releasing a league system for ranked progression.

– Renewing the season pass with added utilities in the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– New whitepaper release.

– Adding automatic matchmaking functionality to the MagicCraft Lobby.

– Planning an end-of-year celebratory event with surprise announcements for the next year's roadmap.



– Addition of 3 new games to the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Major storyline updates for MagicCraft world and characters.

– Addition of 3 new games to the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Releasing a dynamic daily task system for the full MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Enabling a 5v5 multiplayer quickplay mode with automatic matchmaking in MagicCraft game.

– Adding in-game items, including NFT skins, voice lines, and emotes for the MagicCraft game.

– Unveiling a comprehensive player reward system that ties all ecosystem games together, rewarding cross-game achievements.

– Collaborating with fantasy writers to expand the MagicCraft universe.

– Renewing the season pass with added utilities in the MagicCraft Ecosystem.

– Overhauling the MagicCraft website to prioritize its Ecosystem of games.

– Renewing the season pass with added utilities in the MagicCraft Ecosystem

– Creating a MagicCraft marketplace for official merchandise.




✓ Player Profile screen
✓ Custom Game Rooms
✓ Team Voice Chat
✓ NFT Character Integration


✓ Development of Metagame continues
Parties & Friends
Community Tournaments
✓ Spectator mode


– Daily Quests
– Game Type: Tournament
✓ VC investment
– Game Type: Free for All
– Web2/web3 chat system


– Ladder updates for matchmaking
– Begin developing clans
– Begin developing clan wars
– NFT Map Integration
– NFT Rental System
– Game Type: Battle Royale
– Web2/web3 leader board
– Web2/web3 game matching

Game Content

✓ Mage Character
✓ New Map
✓ TrueShot Character

Game Content

✓ New Map Cloud Terrace
✓ New Character Ronin
✓ Music Update
✓ Steam announcement

Game Content

✓ New Map Dragons Sanctuary
✓ Ronin Character
✓ Asian & European Servers
✓ Steam launch

Game Content

– New Character
– Arcane Character Skin
– Disconnection bug fix

Web3 Service

✓ Custom room added to service
✓ Play2Earn Games

Web3 Service

✓ Halving, splitting the lobbies and $MCRT prizes in half
✓ Automatic lobbies
✓ Automatic 20 Person War Lobbies

Web3 Service

✓ Affiliate System
✓ Game fee smart contract
✓ Blazy NFT
✓ NFT reward share smart contract
– $MCRT DAO voting system

Web3 Service

– Daily bonus
– Offer Wall
– Lobby fee $mcrt burn





2021- 2023 Achievements

✓ Utility Token Concept Creation
✓ Token smart contract
✓ Listing on CMC, CoinGecko
✓ Listing on DEX
✓ Tokenomics
✓ First character sneak peaks
✓ Listing on CEX
✓ MOBA concept
✓ Gameplay trailer
✓ VIP Closed Beta Launch
✓ NFT Marketplace Launch
✓ Establishing Key Partnerships
✓ Pledging Launch
✓ 9,999 NFT Genesis Collection
✓ Official Trailer
✓ NFTs with Heroes
✓ Preview maps / realms / characters
✓ Game development updates
✓ Public beta launch (Andorid and iOS versions)
✓ Adaption to PC
✓ Listing on higher tier CEX
✓ 1 Billion volume on $mcrt
✓ Listed on 12 exchanges
✓ 20,516 web3 lobbies created
✓ 4 conferences
✓ Blockchain summit awards
✓ Steam listing
✓ Cross playable on PC/Android/iOS/Steam