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MagicCraft Patch v4.23.9032: Notes and UpdatesGreetings, MagicCraft players! We're excited to bring you the latest patch, v4.23.9032, filled with exciting changes, bug fixes, and improvements to enhan

Greetings, MagicCraft players! We're excited to bring you the latest patch, v4.23.9032, filled with exciting changes, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance your gaming experience. In this article, we'll provide you with a comprehensive overview of the patch notes, including tasks completed and bugs addressed.


Disable loading screen during preheating
In this patch, we've disabled the loading screen during preheating, allowing you to seamlessly transition into the game without any interruptions. Get ready to jump into the action faster than ever before!

Bug Fixes

We understand that a smooth gaming experience is essential, and we've been hard at work addressing various bugs to make your MagicCraft journey even better. Here are the bug fixes included in Patch v4.23.9032:
Fix lag on loading screen in Web3 lobby: Say goodbye to frustrating loading screen lag in the Web3 lobby. We've resolved this issue to ensure a smoother lobby experience.
Fix immortal players in the match: Immortal players causing imbalances in matches? Not anymore! We've fixed this bug to ensure fair and engaging gameplay.
Unable to log into the game, the code does not come to the email: We've tackled the issue of players being unable to log into the game due to email verification code delays. You can now seamlessly access the game without any hiccups.
Capture The Point Mode - One Team Unable to Capture Bases Resulting in Imbalanced Scoring: Imbalanced scoring in Capture The Point Mode is a thing of the past. Both teams now have equal opportunities to capture bases and contribute to the excitement of the game.
Fix broken game case with Web Lobby: We've repaired the broken game case issue in the Web Lobby, ensuring that everything looks and functions as intended.
RT Problems bugfix - fixing bugs after game start connection: A series of critical bug fixes addressing various issues encountered after game start connections. Your gameplay experience will now be smoother and more reliable.
Score Discrepancy in Capture The Point Mode - Team B Unable to Accumulate Points Despite Capturing Bases: Points will now be accurately accumulated in Capture The Point Mode, eliminating any score discrepancies that may have occurred in the past.
Fix the situation when RS preset may not come when you send it to the server: We've resolved the issue related to RS presets not being received by the server, ensuring that your presets are correctly registered.
Incorrect score displayed at the end of the match: Bid farewell to the frustration of incorrect scores displayed at the end of matches. The displayed scores now accurately represent your team's performance.
Maybe a player not attached to the team will appear: The issue of players appearing detached from their teams has been fixed, creating a more immersive and authentic gameplay environment.
Sometimes players show the behavior of opponents in a match: Players will now consistently exhibit the correct behaviors in matches, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
Unable to switch dev servers: You can now switch dev servers without any complications, allowing you to test and explore with ease.
The timer for connecting to a web match does not match on different platforms: The timer for connecting to web matches now syncs accurately across different platforms, ensuring a fair start for all players.
Incorrect team color displayed for a player: Team colors will now be displayed correctly for all players, eliminating any confusion during matches.
The match will start from 1m 20s after the start of the match: Matches will now start promptly from the intended time, ensuring that every second counts in your gameplay.
We hope these bug fixes improve your MagicCraft experience and provide you with a more enjoyable and seamless adventure. Thank you for your continuous support, and remember to keep providing us with valuable feedback, so we can keep enhancing your magical journey. See you in the game!
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