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Patch v4.27.9101 Battles with Friends and Smarter Bots!

We're thrilled to introduce the newest update packed with groundbreaking enhancements, vital bug resolutions, and upgrades aimed at elevating your gameplay adventure. In this brief, we'll walk you through the detailed patch notes, highlighting the new features implemented and the bugs squashed in our continuous effort to improve your battle journey.

New Lobby Features:
Players can now create new games, select modes or maps, and establish custom games, facilitating easier gameplay with friends.

Game Stability and Bug Fixes:
Significant improvements in game stability and numerous bug fixes have been implemented to enhance overall gameplay experience.

HP Regeneration Adjustment:
HP regeneration has been slowed down to increase the challenge of gameplay, offering a more intense and strategic experience.

Enhanced Armor for Fighters and Tanks:
Fighters and Tanks now boast improved armor, making them more resilient and formidable in battles.

Improved Mobile Experience:
The game on mobile devices has been optimized for smoother performance and increased responsiveness, ensuring an enjoyable experience for mobile players.

AI Bot Improvements:
AI bots have been enhanced with better timing, accuracy, and combo usage, providing players with more challenging opponents to compete against.

Friend Features:
Players can now send and receive friend requests and invitations, facilitating easier communication and gameplay with friends.

User Interface Enhancements:
The user interface improved for better clarity and usability.
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