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MagicCraft Development Update (Patch v4.11.7777)

Please see below a full list of the most recent updates from our latest software patch. (Patch v4.11.7777)


[MC-17636] - Web Development
[MC-18047] - Character True Shot


[MC-16166] - Daily Rewards Window improvement
[MC-17803] - Ingame Notifications
[MC-17872] - Improvement. Postmatch screen scaling
[MC-17952] - Remove the Matchmaking Button for Non-testers from the Lobby Creation Window
[MC-18005] - Add country to session stats
[MC-18186] - Implement the giving of a new character to old and new players on prod 4.11
[MC-18193] - Edits on web requests before release
[MC-18088] - Implement New Loading Screens
In addition to the new features, we have also worked on fixing many of the bugs identified by our army of MagicCraft testers.
We now offer $100 in $MCRT to 50 BugHunters as part of the first stage of our Web3 system release.
Huge thanks to our community for this support. Let’s keep it coming!
See the full list below:


[MC-17320] - The final reward window is displayed incorrectly
[MC-17491] - Tara can die after using the Ult
[MC-17825] - Cannot use the ability at maximum range.
[MC-17950] - Heroes become invulnerable
[MC-17953] - The spell has a yellow frame after use
[MC-17954] - Corrupted images on loading screens
[MC-17955] - Greeting VFX Freeguard does not disappear from the characteristics window
[MC-18006] - Incorrect placement of "Create Room" icons in the PC version
[MC-18027] - The cursor disappears if you exit the settings window at the moment when you can respawn
[MC-18048] - Amun's Lobby Animations Fixes
[MC-18063] - Incorrect amount of impact points, if the team has 0 kills/deaths/assists in total
[MC-18068] - Incorrect placement of exit buttons
[MC-18116] - Flickering empty main screen when entering a build
[MC-18148] - FPS Drops After a Long Session
[MC-18154] - Incorrect Bots Behavior in the SkullGrab mode
[MC-18168] - First blood gives 2 points
We are constantly adding more technical information to our Discord server in dedicated channels, so please feel free to join our Discord to make sure you keep fully up to date.
Thanks as always for your dedicated support and interest!
Team MagicCraft.
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