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MagicCraft Development Update (Patch v4.8.7412)

Please see below a full list of our most recent updates from our latest software patch. (Patch v4.8.7412)


[MC-17767] - Adding room passwords

[MC-16547] - Characters' characteristics window

[MC-17254] - Deploy debug and utility functionality in MagicCraft

[MC-15344] - Vega Greeting VFX

[MC-17611] - Implement mechanism to disconnect InstanceManager from InstancePool without forcing players to disconnect

[MC-17686] - Adding to RS is_active parameter

[MC-17436] - Transfer code to Assembly Definitions

[MC-17431] - Change game logo

[MC-17545] - Change background in Characteristics window

[MC-17571] - Fix characters texts

[MC-17578] - Reverted Cancel button colour

[MC-17598] - Optimizing Skulls

[MC-17622] - Improvement. SkullGrab

[MC-17657] - Implement a mechanism for automatically starting a crashed server when the server machine is rebooted

In addition to the new features, we have also worked on fixing many of the bugs identified by our VIP beta release testers.

Huge thanks to our community for this support. Let’s keep it coming!

See the full list below:


[MC-16100] - Vfx of the vampire's ult is visible to opponents when the vampire is invisible

[MC-17324] - Fixing Vladislav's AA

[MC-17538] - Economy fixes (DailyBonus, RateLadder)

[MC-17487] - Rename tutorial title

[MC-17572] - The player finds a tutorial or tutorial matches via the "Play" button

[MC-17577] - The character model disappears from the lobby if the player wins/loses the match

[MC-17601] - Some players won't login due to a bug in the PlayerQuestManager

[MC-17614] - Fixed bugs of ping window on the IOS

[MC-17672] - With options disabled, SkullGrab points become 100

[MC-15947] - When projectile BombThrow hits an enemy, the mine immediately explodes, but remains on the ground. (visually)

[MC-17419] - Blazey's ult VFX is not displayed

[MC-17425] - Amun's VFX is visible in the bushes

[MC-17630] - User can open ip config window instead of logging into game

[MC-17652] - Brienne's ULT does not work correctly

[MC-17666] - Floating bug. VFX spells are sometimes displayed incorrectly

[MC-17700] - Collected skulls can be dropped on a map with SG GameMode

We will gradually be adding more technical information to our Discord server in dedicated channels, so please feel free to join our Discordto make sure you keep fully up to date.

Thanks as always for your dedicated support and interest!

Team MagicCraft.
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