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MagicCraft Development Update (Patch v4.18.8401)

Please see below a full list of the most recent updates from our latest software patch v4.18.8401

[MC-17727] - Improvement: DailyMissions to BattlePass
[MC-18331] - Force Update Window
[MC-18571] - Tutorial Skipping
[MC-18610] - Add ability to stop game from the web services' side
[MC-18921] - Remove email request pop up
[MC-18922] - Remove Closed Beta is now title
[MC-18923] - Change login with apple button

[MC-17233] - User is disconnected while changing apps
[MC-18720] - The ability to start movement appears differently on mobile devices and PC
[MC-17888] - Disappearing of stuck points after going through them
[MC-18199] - There are no abilities' icons for Reaper
[MC-18305] - Characters fall through the textures on map7
[MC-18306] - Character stucks in the textures on the map 7
[MC-18393] - Console error while entering the match
[MC-18436] - Escort path is above a floor
[MC-18441] - Vega's telegraph stucks on PC
[MC-18516] - CtP tutorial starts incorrectly
[MC-18539] - Experience bar is flickering in the characteristics window [MC-18567] - Cart has an incorrect color on the map 8
[MC-18573] - User can't login to the game
[MC-18585] - In game. Validation error appears while user logs in
[MC-18587] - Player can press ability buttons in the spectator mode
[MC-18618] - Mail window overlaps keyboard on android
[MC-18629] - When you click the Login button on the mobile and accept the Privacy Policy, it logs in as a guest
[MC-18670] - In the mobile version, the spells may break if you die while aiming it
[MC-18679] - An inactive pop-up appears with an invitation in the lobby if you tap on an empty place of the screen where there should be a button with an invite
[MC-18681] - Console errors of the pullable objects' library
[MC-18797] - DataServer crash, because of modification of PlayerQuestManager's collection
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