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Get Ready to Level Up with the 4.22 MagicCraft Gameplay Update: Unleash the Power!

We're excited to bring you the 4.22 Gameplay Update, packed with improvements and fixes aimed at enhancing your gameplay experience. In this update, we're introducing two key features we believe will significantly enhance the way you play MagicCraft.
Firstly, we're thrilled to announce the addition of a Minimap. It's a feature many of you have requested, and we're happy to deliver. This edition aims to help you navigate the world of MagicCraft better and encourage efficient team play.
Secondly, we're implementing VSync in our settings. We understand the importance of graphic performance for the optimal gaming experience, and this new feature will ensure smooth frame rates and prevent screen tearing.
Read on for the full list of updates and fixes. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. We look forward to hearing what you think!

New Features:

- Minimap: Added a minimap that will help navigate the game better and help with better team play.
- VSync: Optimized for better graphic performance, can be enabled in settings

Gameplay Improvements:

- Fixed an inconsistency with MVP definition
- Corrected display errors in regard to email addresses
- Improved user communication by improving the feedback link
- Updated the database to now include instance server addresses in room information

Balancing and Map Fixes:

- Fixed issues with Zap shooting through walls, Ronin's auto-attacks restoring health without taking damage when hitting Amun in astral form, and incorrect function of ultimate, automatic, and ability attacks for certain characters addressed.
- Resolved issues with shots penetrating walls on map 8 when players stand too close, and a bug allowing Vega and Zap to reach the top of a statue/tower on map 2.
- Vega's ult visual effects now work as intended.

Matchmaking and Lobby Fixes:

- Fixed issues preventing match findings in European and Asian regions, and errors related to the ranked ladder after several lost/won matches.
- Addressed the group with lobby game bugs, issues with server selection in the lobby window, and bugs with web lobbies created with the checkIfAllPlayersConnected=false parameter remaining open indefinitely.
- Fixed an issue where a player in a web lobby could enter an empty room when joining a team as the 11th player
- Addressed a bug where web lobbies created with the checkIfAllPlayersConnected=false parameter could remain open indefinitely in the list of instances

Server and Connection Fixes:

- Resolved a bug causing automatic server connections when an update pop-up is displayed if logged in with Apple/Google, and an issue where the user was connecting to the server with an account from a different server based on previous ping selections.
- Improved the login process in settings and addressed issues with email logins.

Display and UI Fixes:

- First effect now correctly displayed on the PC HUD.
- Fixed an issue causing the game to get stuck on the map loading screen with audio playing on Windows 11 (PC).
- Corrected and issue where ranked league flags were corrupted on PC

Tutorial and Spectator Mode Fixes:

- Resolved an issue causing errors to pop up when clicking with the left mouse button in the CTP tutorial.
- Addressed a bug where warnings about a local player were multiplying when entering a match as a spectator.

Miscellaneous Fixes:

- Resolved an issue causing players to return to the main menu and get stuck in endless search if they entered the match at the start.
- Addressed an issue with players having immortality and infinite health.
- Fixed an issue where game accounts were not being synchronized after creating an account on the site.
- Fixed an issue where the camera's rotation speed doesn't change during Bjorn's ult on PC.
- Fixed an issue preventing players from logging in with an existing email
- Fixed an issue where, in case of a player leaving, the profile_id was not displayed in match statistics
- Fixed rate ladder errors that occurred after several lost/won matches
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