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Patch 4.21: Cloud Terrace Map and Quality of Life Updates

General Updates:

New Map: Cloud Terrace

Our 9th map has been added to the game, providing players with a fresh and exciting battleground to explore. Battle it out among the clouds.

  • The PC HUD has undergone improvements, enhancing the overall user interface and providing a smoother gameplay experience.
  • SFX for Trueshot: Trueshot now has new and improved sound effects, adding to the immersive audio experience during battles.
  • Parse event stats in DB: Event statistics are now being parsed and stored in the game's database, allowing for accurate tracking and analysis of player performance.
  • Fixed vulnerabilities of DeviceId: Security vulnerabilities related to DeviceId have been addressed and resolved, ensuring a safer gaming environment for all players.
  • A new field, "pointsEarned," has been added to the game, providing players with a clearer overview of their earned points and progress.
  • Removed MCRT banner for PC: The MCRT banner, previously displayed on PC, has been removed, streamlining the user interface and optimizing the gameplay screen.
  • Improved the server availability and ping UI: Server availability and ping are now displayed accurately, providing players with real-time information on server status and connection quality.
  • Added an option to create a game where not all players have to connect: A new game creation option has been introduced, allowing players to start a game even if not all players have connected, facilitating smoother matchmaking and gameplay.
  • Added isWebRoom field to Rooms' data into DB: The game's database now includes an isWebRoom field, providing improved data organization and management for web-based game rooms.
  • Fix Login screen text: Text displayed on the Login screen has been corrected and aligned properly, ensuring a more professional and polished user experience.
  • Region choosing improvement: The region selection process has been enhanced, offering players a smoother and more intuitive experience when choosing their preferred gaming region.

Bug Fixes:

  • The issue causing a drop in FPS (frames per second) has been addressed and resolved, resulting in smoother gameplay performance.
  • Fixed a bug where a captured point did not display correctly.
  • An invisible wall that obstructed movement in bushes on the Heart of Emergate map has been fixed, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay.
  • The issue that caused players to fall through textures on the Heart of Emergate map has been resolved, ensuring a more seamless and immersive gaming experience.
  • Notification sound playing even if disabled in settings: The bug causing notification sounds to play despite being disabled in the settings has been fixed, allowing players to have more control over their audio preferences.
  • Some instances after the battle remain active: The issue where some instances remained active after a battle has been addressed, preventing any lingering effects or disruptions.
  • The database now accurately counts spent tokens, even if a player leaves the match before it concludes, ensuring accurate tracking of in-game currency.
  • The crash that occurred on the Ancient Swamps map while playing in Escort mode has been fixed, eliminating any interruptions during gameplay.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of Ronin's VFX in some instances.
  • Sometimes the telegraph does not appear at the first time in the match: The issue causing the telegraph effect to sometimes not appear at the start of a match has been resolved.
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