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Patch 4.23: Minor Bugs and Performance Issues


- Fixed memory leaks on the DataServer.
- Lobbies now forcibly remove "frozen" players from the match during connection to ensure proper battle initiation.
- Altered server behavior for scenarios when all players leave the match.
- Removed overspeed debugging overlay for production builds.
- Eliminated debugging time-scaler from production builds.


We resolved the following issues:
- Players didn't receive an invite from the web lobby if they changed the server in the settings and then closed the game or switched tabs for 1-2 minutes.
- Data server crashes on production.
- A blocker occurred after receiving a Daily Bonus upon game launch.
- The loading screen froze during game loading.
- A linked account of a deleted user remained on the site.
- Players were incorrectly allocated in a web match.
- Vlad’s Ultimate VFX was overly intense.
- No stats were available about a loading match.
- The name of the longest league overflowed the line on a 16:9 display.
- Players could accidentally press the "Skip Tutorial" button.
- Players could join a group during the "connecting" state.
- Brienna jumped on a Skull Treasure.
- If a player removed the group, the "Ready" button remained.
- A blocker was present when "display_character" was turned off, if that character had been selected by the player.
- You could open the "change server" popup from the "mail input's" top bar and change the server while the Lobby was loading.
- Errors in the console occurred when clicking on the location of the Voice chat icons in spectator mode.
- A player was shown in the friends block even if they hadn't accepted the invite.
- The kill streak record was not documented in the player profile.
- Bots' movement animation was disrupted in the core tutor.
- Five-digit score values merged.
- Exception 0 appeared on the prod.
- In the game with Vega, there were too many messages about Vega's lack of hit effects.
- Bjorn missed debuffs after his ult ended.
- Errors in the console during SkullGrab.
- When choosing to leave the battle, the "Exit/Back" and "Yes/No" buttons appeared simultaneously.
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