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April 3rd Launch | All features coming out

To all MagicCraft-ers out there, as one of the most groundbreaking blockchain-based games, we’re launching a major update, bringing Web3 gaming to the masses. With this launch, gamers across the world can now download the game from the app store and experience the greatness of Web3 gaming for themselves.

For those unfamiliar with Web3 gaming, our game offers a unique opportunity to learn about the benefits and advantages of blockchain technology. By using in-game items and assets, MagicCraft creates a new kind of gaming ecosystem that is secure, transparent, and truly owned as well as controlled by the players themselves, which is you!

Here, it’s important to mention that the launch of this version of MagicCraft is only the beginning. The development team has big plans for the game's future, including the addition of a spectator mode, which is coming very soon. This will allow for more engaging community tournaments and an even better viewing experience for fans of the game. In other words, you will be at the forefront of all the action, whether playing or simply watching.

Prepare your battles, warriors!!

Another major announcement from the MagicCraft team is the dropping of NFT gating. This means that more players will have access to the game and its rewards, making it easier for everyone to get involved in the Web3 gaming revolution. That’s not it, as we’re also dropping the restrictions needed to play using the Web3 lobby system. So you can go ahead and play here: Moreover, to help spread the word about the game, the team has also launched a referral program. Players can share their referral link with friends and earn rewards for each new player who joins the game.

Oh, and speaking of community, MagicCraft plans to continue hosting more of the much-loved community tournaments, where players can register their teams and compete against others for a chance to win prizes and bragging rights. However, this time it’s a little different. Community tournaments will be open to everyone and anyone that fancies themselves future community champions.

Overall, the launch of MagicCraft marks a major milestone in the evolution of Web3 gaming. With its unique blend of blockchain technology and NFTs, as well as an engaging and thrilling gameplay experience, MagicCraft is set to become a leader in the industry. So why not join the revolution today and experience Web3 gaming for yourself?