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$MCRT Now Listed on ByBit Exchange

We are pleased to announce that MagicCraft and $MCRT successfully won Bybit’s ByVotes competition.

$MCRT was entered into a competition between two other projects, but due to our strong and dedicated community supporting our shared vision of MagicCraft’s future success, our project won by a considerable margin.

Enjoying more than 30 million votes, $MCRT was not just the most popular project of the three listed in our ByVotes competition, but actually one of the most popular projects in ByVotes history.

As a result, $MCRT is now listed on the Bybit exchange, and you can check this out for yourself here.

We are both grateful and delighted to receive such a strong statement of support from our community, believing that this is the result of our constant development across 2022, despite challenging market conditions.

MagicCraft ends 2022 on a strong note, with the launch of our closed public Beta proving popular, our recent improvement to our NFT Marketplace, so that now $MCRT can be used for all trades as well as our forthcoming PC version of the MagicCraft battle arena game.

Stay tuned on our socials for more giveaways, as well as upcoming news on MagicCraft’s plans for an epic 2023.