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Making a proposal that you would like to be voted on through the MagicCraft DAO is simple and straightforward. All you need to know is a few requirements you need to fulfil and certain things to avoid.


First, you have to make sure that you hold at least 100,000 MCRT in a wallet that you own and that you’ve held it for a minimum period of 100 consecutive days. This requirement is designed to ensure that only long-term holders of MCRT who are loyal to the project can bring a proposal. MagicCraft may ask you to verify your ownership of the wallet address to provide to make sure that you meet this requirement.

If you don’t meet this requirement, you may still share and discuss your proposal with other community members. A member that does meet this requirement may like your proposal and decide to bring the proposal on your behalf, you never know!

Drafting your Proposal

A proposal must be between at least 500 - 1000 words. It must be relevant, thought out, and well-reasoned. For your benefit, we have provided a sample proposal at the end of this post. Your proposal must contain the following sections:

  1. Introduction: A summary of your proposal.
  2. Objective: What your proposal intends to achieve.
  3. Course of Action: A general overview of the course of action that must be followed to achieve the objectives.
  4. Benefits: The advantages that will result as a result of implementing the proposal.

Your proposal can target a range of subject matters, such as the development of new game features, adjustments to existing features, ideas for game expansion, prioritization of bug fixes, changes to in-game reward structures, community engagement initiatives, token utility enhancements, partnership proposals, and marketing strategies.

Things to Avoid

There are a few things you must avoid when writing your proposal. First and foremost, you must make sure that your proposal does not, in any way, harm the long-term viability and success of MagicCraft, both as a game and as a company. You cannot make a proposal that would result in MagicCraft deviating from its mission of mainstreadming P2E gaming and promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency. MagicCraft will not entertain any proposal targeting the composition, dynamics, or compensation of team members. Finally, you must think about the strain your proposal will have on the resources available to MagicCraft. Any proposal that is too financially demanding may be rejected by MagicCraft.

Sending MagicCraft your Proposal

Community members may feel free to discuss their proposal privately or publicly on the Telegram group. We encourage you to hash out and debate your proposal with other members so you can bring forward a fully refined version that will have the greatest chance of being successful at voting.

Once you have finalized your proposal, please send it to us via email at We will review your proposal to make sure that it meets the requirements and guidelines mentioned above. We will respond to your email and let you know whether your proposal has been approved for voting.

Please keep in mind that your proposal will only be reviewed by MagicCraft once you email it to the correct address. Sending your proposal through other means, such as on Telegram, Twitter, or on WhatsApp or sharing it with a community member does not obligate MagicCraft to review your proposal.

Sample Proposal

Subject: Introducing "Daily Quests" for Enhanced Player Engagement and MCRT Utility

Total Words: 509


MagicCraft has become a popular destination for gamers interested in blockchain-based play-to-earn experiences. The game's mechanics and reward systems have all been its highlights. However, there is an opportunity to further increase the daily engagement and commitment level of our player base. Specifically, this proposal focuses on the introduction of "Daily Quests" to motivate players for regular log-ins and sustained interaction with the game world.


The objective of this proposal is twofold. First, it aims to increase the daily player engagement metrics by encouraging players to log in each day to complete new, time-sensitive quests. Second, it seeks to enhance the utility of MCRT tokens by making them a primary reward for these daily quests, thereby incentivizing long-term holding and usage of the token.

Course of Action:

  • Conceptualization: The initial phase involves brainstorming and shortlisting the types of quests that can be offered. These quests should be simple yet engaging, encouraging players to explore different aspects of the MagicCraft universe. Examples include "Collect 50 Magic Crystals," "Trade with 5 Different Players," or "Win 3 Duels."
  • Development: After finalizing the list of daily quests, the development team can begin the integration process. Quests would appear in a dedicated section of the user interface, easily accessible upon logging into the game.
  • Testing: A small group of players could be selected to test the new feature. This would allow for any potential bugs or issues to be resolved before a full-scale launch.
  • Deployment: The feature would then be rolled out to the entire player base. For the first month, an extra reward multiplier could be used as a launch promotion to encourage interaction with the daily quests.


  • Increased Daily Engagement: By providing new and time-sensitive objectives, daily quests would encourage regular player log-ins and deeper interaction with the game's existing features.
  • Retention: Regular quests could help keep the player base invested in the long term, reducing the churn rate and increasing lifetime value for each player.
  • Enhanced MCRT Utility: Offering MCRT tokens as rewards would encourage long-term holding and increase demand, potentially boosting the token’s market value.
  • Community Building: Daily quests could include cooperative or competitive elements that require player-to-player interaction, thereby fostering a sense of community.
  • Feedback Loop: The introduction of daily quests provides an additional data point for the development team. Player interaction with these quests can offer valuable insights into which game features are most engaging, guiding future development efforts.

What Happens after you Send your Proposal?

After you send us your proposal and we approve it for voting, a team member from MagicCraft will upload your proposal to the DAO. MagicCraft will designate a time and date on which the vote against your proposal will take place. Please check our guide for the most updated information on how voting will be carried out on a proposal.

Final Word

With the introduction of the MagicCraft DAO, we aren’t just introducing a new feature. We are ushering in a new phase of development for the project, where our in-house team and community members co-create the next chapters of the MagicCraft story. We invite you to influence, innovate, and design a world we all hold dear. Our team eagerly awaits your proposals as we jointly navigate this exciting journey to new heights.