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MagicCraft's AMA Session

A Closer Look into the Future Plans of MagicCraft

MagicCraft is a new cutting-edge MOBA that aims to build a self-supporting economy through its Web2 and Web3 based game. We, the team, have recently shared our future plans during an AMA session with the community. We talked about focusing on specific markets and analyzing our growth while also working on partnerships and new features for the game. If you weren’t there, then be sure not to miss the next one.

An Overview of the AMA!

According to our team members, who were key speakers during the AMA session, MagicCraft is growing its workforce to achieve its goals. We're also partnering with other companies to cross-promote the game in other communities. Additionally, the company plans to increase its presence in many events and conferences to increase brand awareness.

We are also working on releasing new game modes, including free for all and battle royale, in Q2 of the year. The team is also putting effort into community tournaments and other hidden features to bring to the table. We also acknowledged the potential of the Spanish market and said that it was one of the first markets that we will be targeting.

During the conversation, MagicCraft’s team discussed the game's popularity in Latin America and Southeast Asia. They acknowledged the challenge of working with iOS policies to link the in-game and out-of-game cryptocurrency markets. One of the community members raised concerns about the lack of marketing towards investors and suggested that we should leverage the many KOLs listed on their website to speak about the project.

The conversation also revolved around the strategy of using Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to promote the MagicCraft brand. The group discussed how the referral system will provide more incentive for KOLs to push the product. The lobby system that we have created is also unique and could help the brand stand out. Some members believed that an organic approach is best, where the game is so good that network effects will come into play.

What’s your favorite game mode?

We also talked about our favorite game modes in MagicCraft. The main topic was how the game could attract more players and become a competitive esports game, especially in the Asian market, where there is a gap in the market. We discussed the persona of gamers playing the game, the need to improve the product and onboard more players , and forming partnerships with relevant entities. The strategy for the game is to focus on player onboarding in the short term, generating volume for the token, and pushing up the price for both players and investors.

A community member, during the AMA, raised some important points. First, he reminded us about our obligation to post on MagicCraft as per the contract. Second, he asked about the status of the patents, as they are critical for the project's transformation into a web3 hub and to protect their technology. Third, he suggested that the team share regular updates with the community about their progress in marketing, finance, and legal aspects of the project. He also suggested that we hold AMAs each month to increase transparency and trust with the community.

MagicCraft is set to become a leader in the GameFi industry!

In conclusion, we do have big plans for the future, with a focus on player onboarding, new game modes, and increasing brand awareness. With the right strategy and approach, as well as the hard-working team behind the project, MagicCraft has the potential to become a major player in the GameFi industry.