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Win Tesla with MagicCraft NFT Genesis Collection

To celebrate the creation of our NFT Genesis Collection, we have hidden a Tesla embedded into one of the NFT Heroes at random.

This means that one lucky NFT holder will also get to drive away a brand-new Tesla, as well as holding an awesome MagicCraft Genesis Collection NFT.

But hurry! There is only one Tesla available, and once it's gone, it's gone! Guide on How to Mint our NFT

Our collection consists of Warriors, Wizards and Archers, all of which will be fully playable, customizable and boostable with $MCRT power-ups.

Each NFT Hero comes with a varying degree of rarity. 89% are Rare Heroes, 10% Epic Heroes and 1% Legendary Heroes. Rare heroes enjoy higher powers and skills, as well as larger in-game $MCRT rewards.

Furthermore, NFT holders will be guaranteed whitelist spots in future drops, with more perks to be announced once the final release of MagicCraftGame is here.

Meanwhile, all NFT Genesis Collection holders can become the very first to experience the action and excitement of our first closed beta release. Holding an NFT from this collection gives you an exclusive right to be one of the very first testers and players of MagicCraftGame inside our closed public beta.

Tesla’s, gaming, play-to-earn $MCRT rewards and super powers. What’s not to like with MagicCraft’s NFT Genesis Collection!