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Closed Public Beta Release

Awesome news MagicCrafters!

We are delighted to announce that our long awaited closed Beta of our game is almost here. Now our dedicated $MCRT community can start to test the massively multiplayer battle action that our team have been working on.

All holders of either one million $MCRT, either in wallets, or staked in our protocols, as well as anyone holding at least one MagicCraft Genesis Collection NFT can join our game from Wednesday.

We then invite anyone who has connected their wallet to join the epic, fast paced battles to be found in our closed Beta release. We have both Android and iOS versions in this mobile only version.

Here, you will be able to join others in battle with short five minute skirmishes. Choose your fighting character, team up with others, destroy your opponents and claim the rewards.

In each game you will also find mini quests to grab skulls and hold points as you fight other warriors for $MCRT supremacy. 

We would like to remind everyone however, that this is just the first step for MagicCraft and $MCRT. The team will shortly release our exciting new roadmap for 2023, as well some updates to our white paper.

Stay posted for more epic news.